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I’ve made it to Bangkok!

I’ve made it to Bangkok. The time finally came. I paid my bus ticket, (15€), and off I went. I chained my bike up at the airport, with a chain through both wheels, (one can never be too sure, bikes disappear every day at home), hopped back on the tram and headed for the bus […]

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Ich fühl mich schlecht..

Ja, ich hab’s nach bangkok geschafft. Aber, ich fühl mich nicht unbedingt wohl. Was ich zuhause mache auf der Strasse ist hier nicht so einfach zu imitieren. Wichtig ist, die Ruhe zu halten. Monat zu Monat ist schon eine lange Zeit igal das Klima. Ob warm oder kalt, Mann muss sich beschäftigen. Ich bin ständig […]

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The woman that cares..

Beautiful, that she should feel that way. Always been a bit on edge with the separations of life. I, personally, have a feeling for her because, she is the type that cares and understands. Her words flow for me, or so it seems, they probably flow for a lot of people, mostly men, the lonely […]

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Farobo’s Bike & Trailer

Homeland Camping, travel on 10€ per day, weekend marketing, jewellery design, I love fashion, dabble in trading markets, and more and more. And I will also be trying to sell things, anythings, to you, the dear readers and friends of this blog. This is a picture of New York city in winter. It has nothing […]

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